Medical tourism Delhi

Delhi is gaining importance as the Growing Medical tourism Hub

The ever growing demand for hotel accommodation near all the leading hospitals in the capital city of Delhi has paved the way for emerging as the leading hub for medical tourism Delhi. As we are all aware of the fact which the capital city of the country has witnessed the increasing number of tourists every year and many of whom used to visit the city for availing the cost effective top class medical treatment. Since Delhi is known popularly all across the country for the top quality multi specialty hospitals and doctors who are renowned not only in the country but also across the globe. Well IIMS (Indian Institute of Medical Science), Apollo hospitals etc. Are some of the leading hospitals in the city offering the top class medical facilities for the patients from across the country and even from abroad.

Few more facts on the popularity of medical tourism in Delhi

  • There are many hotels are there which are located near the leading hospitals in the city. Well the main specialty of these hospitals is that they offer easier and most expedient way in to the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) to take patients and their families straight to their hotels and then take them to hospitals where the patient gets admitted.
  • Well in this regard all these hotels has made a tie ups with all the leading tour and travelling companies like as well as with hospitals and others in order to facilitate patients.
  • This has led to the growing of medical tourism Delhi where travelling agencies are offering special economic packages for patient parties by making direct tie-ups with hotels. Hotel officials offer special packages for patient families by keeping the price at a lower level by keeping in mind the medical cost involve.
  • Sometimes hospitals too used to offer accommodation for families where hotels have direct collaboration with all the leading hospitals in the city for offering living accommodation for patient family members.

Medical tourism even encourages by government

Even today government is encouraging this medical tourism Delhi as this would eventually increase the tourism industry in the country. As large number of patients used to come from neighboring Bangladesh and Pakistan has led the way of the growing popularity of tourism in the country where day by day India is emerging at the most preferred location across the globe in terms of medical tourism.